A Partnership Between Pathway Genomics and IBM Leads to Wellness App Development

It might be difficult for everyone to agree on the most intriguing developments from companies like Pathway Genomics, which was co-founded by Jim Plante. This organization focuses on genetic testing to help people live healthier and more satisfactory lives. One of the more recent developments is a mobile app called OME, which was created in partnership with IBM Watson Group. Personalized health information is available through this app, based on the individual’s genetic makeup.

About OME

People who are interested in product updates can sign up at the company’s website to receive information through email newsletters. The app can combine genetic information with medical records, wearable fitness and other wearable devices, information about health habits, and other relevant data. Direct messages to address specific goals can be sent, such as a text message congratulating the user at reaching the halfway point of a weight loss goal. The product is referred to as a genomic wellness app, and it’s the first of its kind.

About Sport iQ

In August 2018, the company launched a product called Sport iQ that helps people better understand how genetics is connected with the body’s response to exercise. Consumers who order the app receive a test report and a plan for an exercise program tailor-made for individual advantages. With this knowledge, the person is better able to quickly become fitter through exercise without having to go through the trial and error people generally must face.

An Interesting Partnership

These types of products put both Pathway Genomics and IBM in the lead in regard to personalized health and medical data for individuals. The technology behind how it all works is complicated, especially since so many people still don’t understand a great deal about artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and deep learning. However, the devices have been created to be easy for non-tech types so everyone will feel motivated to use them.

It’s an interesting partnership, with Pathway being a relatively young company and IBM a long-respected workhorse that has been around since 1911. That year, the organization was founded as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. Eventually the name was changed to International Business Machines, but most people know it simply as IBM.