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Without taking any notice, we use kisses several times a day – blow them to ourselves, touch our parents’ cheeks with our lips, smack the noses of our favorite toys, but all this cannot be compared with a real grown-up kiss between two people. Here comes the most interesting part – complexes and fears about our inability to kiss. I am going to reveal a little secret to you – even a lot of adult and experienced people have the same fears. We are all unique, what appeals to one person can be unattractive to another one; therefore the art of kissing is a life long study.

What is the most important thing in the kissing technique? Whichever way you look at it, there is only one answer – to feel your partner’s responses. Even with an absolute lack of skill, when you shyly touch the lips of your beloved for the first time, your desire to indulge them opens the celestial bliss of a kiss. Careful and velvet touches of your lips over cheeks, corners of the mouth and further will reveal your partner’s preferences quickly. And try not to forget about such a significant thing as using hands and words – tender strokes of hair and shoulders, and soft brushings of the neck and arms supplement kisses and help to expose the deepest feelings in your soul.

For the initial mastering of kissing techniques, it is worth drawing your attention to the cinema. Set aside horror movies and detective stories, and switch to melodramatic tear-jerkers, focusing on the way the main heroes are kissing. Try to put yourself on their place, feeling touches to the skin of another person. While steeping into dreams, it is possible to imagine your beloved person and “rehearse” kisses with them. There is no use in creating particular behavior patterns, as in the future you will have to improvise proceeding on your partner’s reactions.

Following the scientific approach, we may peek into the classification of kisses made by a French sexologist Gérard Leleu. In his opinion a quiet kiss is when lips contact the skin almost without any sound. It is better to begin your kissing practice with this slight lip-touch, gently driving your partner to the desire to continue the kiss. After this, it is advisable to stimulate slowly a harder kiss, when the pressure is higher, the sound is louder, but the breathing is not interrupted. If it is a kiss on the lips, the mouth is slightly opened in order to let the tongue loose and enrich pleasant feelings with its gentle touches. It is almost a French kiss with an opened mouth and a penetration of a tongue into it. You should be very careful here – keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh. In that case only, your parnter will also be interested to dab your smooth teeth with their tongue, to tease your lips bringing you to the highest levels of pleasure.

Another type of a kiss is a nip kiss when the lips nibble the partner’s skin – such gentle motions help to find the erogenous zones. A suck kiss is familiar to everybody who was so absorbed in it that left love bites, small bruises, on the partner’s skin. Your lips take some part of a skin in and suck it, presenting the warm feeling. While using a tickling kiss all your attention is concentrated on a particular erogenous zone which is being tickled and fiddled with your lips, stimulating particular receptors. During a kiss named by Gérard Leleu stroke of a pan your lips are drawing on the partner’s skin, studying all the relief lines, often accentuating the tenderness of touches with your hot tongue. The last type of a kiss in his classification is a tracing kiss when the lips of a closed or an opened mouth trace the skin with a different pressure.

If we go further and consult the popular “Kama Sutra”, we will find even more kissing techniques using your lips and tongue. Meanwhile, a kiss is not restricted with a mouth only, as all body movements, touches of hands and even the ambience influence skin receptors and the partner’s mood.